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McKenna Collins is a Financial Advice practice. Everything we do is focused on improving the financial futures of our clients.

Individuals, families and small businesses engage us to provide simple, logical and actionable plans to get their money working harder for them. Our clients value the tools, the confidence and the certainty we provide them to deal with their financial worries and to improve their financial futures.

We value financial simplicity – it enables you to be better informed, to make better financial decisions and to maximise the financial resources you have. Most importantly, it takes the ‘money worry’ out of your home or business and allows you to focus on your family, your profession, your trade, your small business, your lifestyle.

We draw on over 30 years experience in the accounting and financial services industries to provide tailored financial advice. You may need assistance in preparing for retirement, managing your cash flow, insurance advice to protect yourself financially or a comprehensive investment strategy. McKenna Collins will develop a plan with you to reduce your financial stress and to get your money working harder.

Our approach is to focus on:


You provide the goal posts for your financial security.
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Your Cashflow

Cash (flow) really is king. 
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Your Assets

Assets provide wealth and lifestyle choice.
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Your Protection

It’s important to have a plan B.
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About Us

At McKenna Collins we help our clients simplify their financial lives, to make decisions and to build and protect their wealth over the long term. We help you determine the areas that need to be addressed and tailor our financial advice to your unique set of circumstances and objectives.

Complete our Financial Health Check to evaluate how well you are prepared for the future. Call us for a consultation on 3357 6070 or book online here

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  116 Gordon St, Gordon, Park, QLD 4031

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